Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme.
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FAQ about Nuoding dropshipping service

A: We are a company legally registered and taxed in China.
A: We have two main businesses: 1.Chinese goods resourcing & transportation 2. Drop-shipping fulfillment service
A: First of all, we declare that we are not a particular vendor. We are an agency resourcing & fulfilling order. Part One, getting cooperation. 1. The dropshipper need to send the products (Links/Clear images/descriptions) which you are selling to our merchandiser . 2. Our merchandisers will send the product quotation on behalf of the company under the terms you requested. 3. Dropshipper agrees to the quotation. 4. Dropshipper authorizes our company to process orders online. (The integration method of each platform is different, please ask the customer service staff for details.) Part Two , start processing the order. 1.New orders are popping up in the website and the dropshipper will indicate which orders need to fulfill. 2.The merchandisers will send the invoices of what need to fulfill 3. Dropshipper pays the bill. 4. Our company purchases products from factories. 5. After 1-2 days, the product arrives at our warehouse. 6. Warehouse staff inspect the products and pack them. 7. The warehouse staff sends the express package to the buyer through international logistics, and submits the delivery notice in the background of the online store. 8. The buyer receives the express package. Order completed.
A: Regarding dropshipping, we mainly use two shipping methods: standard shipping and priority shipping. Standard shipping: to Europe/NZ/AUS 6-10 working days to USA 7-11 working days Priority shipping: to Europe/NZ/AUS/USA 5-8 working days For other countries, please consult customer service case by case.
A: Because the express delivery process encounters weekends or public holidays, the delivery may be suspend or delay due to the holiday of the express company or customs. Working days is a more fair statement.
A: Yes. we can. We also provide bulk selling . We have many different access of shipping solution of options which will save your time and shipping cost.
A: The international logistics companies we cooperate with include 4PX, CNE, YunXpress, AliExpress logistics, shunfengXpress, Yanwenxpress, UBI and so on. The most frequently used of these are 4PX and Yunxpress. When delivering express packages, we choose the best logistics company according to the situation.
A: Yes. The express package we send has a full express delivery track.The tracking number will be available right after we hand over the package to the carrier.
A: Yes. We can hide the express track of the Chinese part. This only supports sellers with more than 10 orders per day.
A: Yes, as a professional dropshipping agency . We support customization per your request.
A: Yes. An order with multiple different products will be sent in one courier package.
A: We support a variety of payment methods, among which we recommend WISE the most. 1. WISE. Our most recommended payment method. Because it's fast and cheap. Just to pay the bills, dropshipper just needs to sign up for a free personal account. The official website of WISE: wise.com 2. Wire transfer(T/T). The seller pays by wire transfer to our WISE bank account. This speed will be a bit slow. 3. MoneyGram. According to the regulations of Bank of China, the transfer amount of MoneyGram needs to be greater than $30 and less than $2000. 4. Paypal. We only support first-time partners. And the amount is less than $100. Using Paypal will require an additional 30% handling fee.
A:We are not a factory, we do not support free samples. Thanks for understanding.
A:Yes but we will charge a service fee.(Service fee: 1. Manually fill in the sample list. 2. Guide the seller to pay. 3. Separate sorting and delivery. 4. Answer questions about samples.)
A: A returning will be considered only under these three situations. 1. The goods was received damaged (All goods and packing will be inspected strictly by us before shipping),which was caused during the transportation transiting, Let the buyer take a picture of the product + product packaging + express delivery list and send it to us. We will double check with the carrier and issue refund or send the order again after reviewing. 2. Product is broken , not working. Ask the buyer to take a video to prove that the machine is malfunctioning. We can refund or send the order again. (If you encounter the above two situations, we ask the buyer to tell us within 7 days after receiving the goods. The receipt time is calculated according to the express delivery track.) 3. The express package is lost during transportation. This is an extremely low probability and we will take responsibility for it. We can refund or send the order again. We will not be responsible for the order in the following cases. 1. The buyer has no reason to return the product. 2. The buyer refuses to accept the express package. 3. Buying the wrong size. (We are not responsible for these 3 situations. Dropshipper decides how to deal with it. If you agree to return the goods, it is recommended to return the goods to the address of dropshipper.) 4. The recipient's information is incomplete or wrong, resulting in the return of the express package. (We recommend setting up an online store, and the phone number is required. This will greatly reduce the probability of failure.) 5. The recipient is not at home, resulting in the return of the express package. (Regarding the situation of 4 and 5, our company sometimes checks the abnormal courier track. If an error is found, we will remind the dropshipper to notify the buyer to collect the courier package. We will not contact the buyer directly. This is only part of our free service , we are not responsible for any omissions.)
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